Discover the most stunning landscapes of our region

Do you want to discover, appreciate and really understand the varied and spectacular landscapes of the Aubrac, the Causses and the Cévennes? The Accompagnateurs en Montagne (Mountain Leaders) are there to guide you: passionate about the natural environment, bringing professionalism, competence, knowledge, conviviality and security to your outings.
Let us amaze you with the rich diversity of our region!

Who are we?

Holders of a diploma in the field of alpinisme, Mountain Leaders are both sports trainers and educators. Our profession demands a deep knowledge of the mountain environment as well as serious physical capacities. Equally important are excellent people and communication skills.
Above anything else, Mountain Leaders help people discover the natural and human environment through walking. Whilst leading the group and bringing alive the landscapes, they also ensure the security of the group and of the individuals therein.

Let us tempt and astonish you!

Themed walks :
- Discovery of the fauna, flora and heritage of the area
- Environmental education
- Plants and their medicinal and culinary uses
- Geology
- Orienteering, treasure hunts, geocaching, navigation using a map, compass and GPS
- Aquatic walks
- Tales and legend,and numerous other themes!

Become mountain leaders

Our profession

Mountain Leaders are 85% freelance workers, often with more than one profession (many hold other, related sporting diplomas, such as ski monitor or ski patroller, while others work in the field of tourism, providing accommodation or managing mountain refuges). Around 15% are salaried employees of hotels and holiday centres or tourism and social action networks.


To find a Mountain Leader near you, use the directory. The variety of activities offered : walking and hiking, walking with pack animals (eg donkeys), snowshoe walking, mountain biking, canyonning, nordic walking, as well as diverse areas of specialist knowledge (environmental education, geology, botany, plants and their medicinal and culinary uses, fauna, photography, etc…) allow the Mountain Leaders to create a great variety of outings and activities for you.


The diploma of Mountain Leader attests the range of skills necessary to professionally lead individuals or groups, in a rural, mountain environment, excluding zones of glaciers, rocks, canyons and other terrains requiring the use of mountaineering techniques.
It confirms the competence of the professional to animate and teach the knowledge and skills appropriate to the activity and the terrain.